TV Animation Producers Taking Diverse Measures to Ensure Long-Term Profitability

Bob Lincoln April 1, 2012 0

With MIPTV starting today, an independent market research firm has released the results of its most recent television animation production industry survey.  According to Copenhagen-based market research firm International Institute for a Better Tomorrow, production companies that historically have generated significant revenue from animated series are finding today’s marketplace significantly more crowded and less lucrative than in previous years.  A company press release accompanying highlights of the survey says that their most recent data suggests that senior studio executives are in agreement that the halcyon days of big money television animation deals are a distant memory, never to return.  However, bucking conventional wisdom and recent industry trends, these executives differ greatly on profit strategies and business models they plan on putting in place to shore up their bottom line and ensure the survival of their businesses.

Of most interest, only 3% of the 250 surveyed executives representing 100 top studios said they were planning to increase their use of Asian co-production partners and decreased labor costs associated with such partnerships.  An astonishing 64% said they planned on switching to the production of Anime Porn, while 17% said they planned on opening vegan and gluten-free veggie-wrap food trucks.  6% responded they were leaning towards the risky but highly profitable kidnap-for-ransom business, while 10% said that their large long-term leased and unused studio space would easily support the storing of hazardous waste.

A complete breakdown of the survey results is as follows:

TV Animation Production Executives Business Revenue Generation Strategies 2013-2018

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