The Week in Review – Friday, June 1, 2012

Sabonis O'Brien June 1, 2012 0

Enjoy a cup of coffee or better yet, a fine adult beverage, preferably not from your neighbor's still, and catch-up on some of the news no other media outlet dares publish.

A selection of the top animation industry headlines deemed too controversial, too shocking or too asinine for coverage by the mainstream press…

NAMBLA and FX Team Up on New Animated Series, Catamite Shores

FX Networks and the North American Man Boy Love Association will co-produce an animated teen series about four sexually confused and vulnerable high school boys, living together with twelve adult male “life mentors” in a Malibu beach house, as they share laughter, friendship, love, betrayal and savage anal sex.

Traces of Radioactivity on Hentai Catalog Found Inside Iranian Bunker

Inspectors say radioactivity detected on a Hentai DVD catalog hidden between two centrifuges proves country’s nuclear scientists have moved secret anime porn stash ahead of U.N. delegation visit.

Police Find Dev Exec Who Abandoned Script for Revenge of the Titans Sequel in Trash

Detectives working with several canine patrol units have finally apprehended the development executive who abandoned the working script for another Clash of the Titan’s sequel in a Whittier gas station dumpster and tried to escape on foot.

Disoriented VFX Supervisor Subdued on London Flight

Frightened passengers were able to tackle and restrain a freelance supervising visual effects producer just moments before takeoff after he abruptly jumped from his seat and ran about the cabin, clutching a script, screaming “Not another fucking indestructible amphibious alien spaceship destroying a major city through a time portal sequence! I’ll fucking kill myself first!”

World’s Smallest Artificial Heart Saves Network Executive’s Life

Surgeons in Beverly Hills successfully implanted the world’s smallest artificial heart into a senior NBCUniversal executive who collapsed last Tuesday at an Aston Martin dealership during a heated argument with his divorce attorney about high child support payments.

Report: Russian VFX Studio Downsized Through Staged Renderfarm Accidents

A joint VES and FSB security task force yesterday claimed that a Ukrainian visual effects house routinely cut staff over a two year period through staged server room “accidents” where at least 20 lighting TDs and compositors mysteriously showed up dead under piles of heavy UNIX servers.

Ex-Wife Kills Husband Who Spent $1 Million Putting 4 Sons Through Game Dev School

A Florida women shot her ex-husband after their youngest son, who recently graduated with a Masters in Game Design from the same game development school his three older brothers attended, was fired from his part time job at a Miami GameStop.

DNA on John Carter Greenlight Memo “Likely” Belongs to Dick Cook

A forensic scientist’s report claims small amounts of DNA found on the official document greenlighting the John Carter movie production most likely came from former Disney President Dick Cook and not a custodian at the Burbank studio lot as early reports had claimed.

Alabama Ad Agencies Agree to Stop Striking and Handcuffing Art Directors

The State’s ad agency trade association says members will comply with new law prohibiting handcuffing art directors to break room refrigerators or hitting them with switches as punishment for client presentations that include the words “aint,” “reckon” or “homo,” and will promptly train staff on better methods of discipline and proper workplace behavior.

Image Credit: Morning – Image © Len-k-a

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