SoCal VFX Firms Add 190 Jobs in August, All in Mumbai

Bob Lincoln September 12, 2012 2

Cargo ship unloading California visual effects production jobs at the Port of Mumbai.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that in the month of August, visual effects studios in Southern California combined to create 190 new jobs, though all the new positions were located in Mumbai.

According to government analyst Rupert Weimaraner, the positive job report shows that despite ongoing economic uncertainty in the California visual effects industry, which includes the recent closing of Matte World Digital and the sudden bankruptcy of Digital Domain, the business outlook for many production companies is beginning to look more positive.

“Many Southern California studios are expanding their operations.  August’s positive job growth comes in areas such as pipeline R&D and stereoscopic 3-D conversion personnel,” Weimeraner told reporters.  “Unfortunately, the 190 new jobs added were all in Mumbai.”

Weimeraner added, “Listen, I realize Mumbai is not Santa Monica or Burbank.  But then again, at least it’s not Hyderabad. Or Whittier. ”

Image Credit: Mumbai-Jawaharlal Nehru ports, India by Eutrophication&hypoxiaCC-BY-3.0



  1. venkat September 27, 2012 at 12:19 pm - Reply

    i donno wat is wrong with hyderabad,but look at it….the most famous companies in india like primefocus,prasadz efxlocated in india are in hyderabad and rhythm& hues too.Now a company namely MAKUTA getting top in south india and having its branches in uk and usa also in hyderabad,,….think abt the output not region

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