Sex with Interns on Location Shoots in Los Angeles Down 7% in Q1

Bob Lincoln April 10, 2012 2

93,754 instances of sex with interns on location shoots represents a 7% decrease for Q4 2011.

An overall increase in sex with interns during feature film shoots on Los Angeles streets was more than offset by a decrease in sex with interns on television shoots, according to figures released by iDidLA, which handles all intern sex permits on behalf of the city and county.  In total, the 93,754 instances of sex with interns on location shoots represents a 7% decrease from Q4 2011.

The continued falloff in sex with interns on television shoots represents the third consecutive quarter of declines and a 19% decrease over the same period last year.  Overall, feature film location shoots were responsible for generating 27,845 instances of sex with interns in the first 3 months of 2012, a 4% increase over 4th quarter 2011 and a 6% increase over the same period in 2011.  Analysts attributed the increase to an aggressive slate of feature films from the major studios as well as the launch of a new state-sponsored studio mentorship program in early January that brought 15 highly gifted art and film students to Los Angeles from several Midwestern universities.

Though sex with interns on commercial productions continued its trend of recent growth, up 9% in the quarter, a particularly slow pilot season more than offset the modest growth in other areas. With the relative stability of current shows on the big networks, fewer pilots have been ordered this season.  In addition, many freshman shows were renewed, which meant the productions no longer needed to attain permits for senior staff to have sex with the now employed former interns.

Especially alarming was the ongoing trend for permit-less sex with interns on Reality TV productions, which was estimated at more than 17,000 instances since the beginning of the year.

New York and Vancouver have benefitted the most from the ongoing decrease in Los Angeles.  New York provides more than $500 million annually in tax credits for the recruitment, housing and bus transportation back home for production interns, more than 5 times as much as California.  Vancouver, an international hub for animation, visual effects as well as live action production, benefits from a special British Columbia provincial incentive program where high school juniors and seniors from anywhere in the country can receive a $1200 monthly stipend for up to 6 months of production internship.  All they need to qualify is the promise to write an essay about their experiences for the government website and post pictures on the program’s Flickr photostream.

As in all previous quarters since such records were kept, there was no sex with interns on game productions.



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    • H. April 13, 2012 at 3:23 pm - Reply

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