North Korea Cuts Minimum Height for Animator-Conscripts After Famine

Bob Lincoln August 19, 2012 0

Newly conscripted North Korean animators headed to “Acting for Animators” masterclass, location unknown.

A Seoul news outlet reported Friday that North Korea is filling the military’s cartoon studios with shorter workers because the current generation of animation producing conscripts was severely stunted by a deadly 1990s famine.  According to the report, the height requirement was reduced from 145 centimeters (4.76 feet) to 120 centimeters (3.94 feet) because too many young men ages 16-19 were too short to serve.

The claim was made by NKToonWatch, a publication and website run by defectors from the communist regime’s top-secret Korean People’s Army Supreme Cartoon Command, dedicated to “turning the West and their rat-like groups to dust through tasteful, thought provoking and beautifully animated family fare and anime porn.”

“The goal of the military unit is to create animated feature films that are almost identical to films byDisney, DreamWorks and others, releasing them into the world’s media markets right before the big studio releases.  This is supposed to cause consumer confusion, revenue disruption and economic hardship that ultimately, will lead to the United States falling into anarchy and civil war,” according to Sung Young Keane, editor of the website. “What the North Korean government doesn’t realize is that this is the same absurd and failed strategy used by every single Indian and Chinese animation studio for the last two decades.  I don’t think Iger or Katzenberg will be donning a flak vest and picking up a rifle any time soon.”

Unconfirmed reports claim female animator-conscripts are forced to use sub-standard Wacom tablets and dress up in Sailor Moon outfits for insensitive military studio brass.

Keane was one of 4 defectors from an army run Pyongyang animation studio who escaped to South Korea in 2007 hidden aboard a Venezuelan freighter, smuggled inside a crate of bootleg Boning the Evil Western Temptress Miss Totoro DVDs.

Mr. Keane pointed out recent titles such as Green Scottish Ogre, Tangled Hair, The Incredible Family and Cold French Vegetable Stew as examples of ill-fated knock-off animated features to come out of North Korea.

Image credits: North Korean Soldiers in Pyongyang by Joseph A Ferris III| CC-BY-3.0 and North Korean Soldiers at Flower Expo Pyongyang by Joseph A Ferris III | CC-BY-3.0

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