Nobel Peace Laureates Say No to Anime

Bob Lincoln April 1, 2012 0

"All around us is evidence of an entire generation lost to the evil clutches of Anime. However, it's not too late to protect future generations if we act now!" – Bishop Desmond Tutu

The Dalai Lama and 40 other Nobel laureates gathered near ground zero of the bombing of Hiroshima to call on people from around the world to support an end to Anime.

The inaugural 2-day meeting was held to draw attention to the growing influence of doe eyed 9 year-old plaid skirt-adorned female vampire hunters on a generation of young men.

In a short speech to the assembled crowd, the Dalai Lama said, “I believe that the purpose of life is to be happy.  From the moment of birth, every human being wants happiness and does not want suffering.  Neither social conditioning nor education nor ideology affect this.  Therefore, it is important to recognize what will bring about the greatest degree of happiness. And that would be a world without anime. It is neither glamorous nor attractive.  We should be horrified by its undecipherable plots and questionable dubbing.”

Shirin Ebadi added, “Courageous and thoughtful leadership is needed to rid the world of this insidious scourge. “  “It blows big time,” added F. W. de Klerk.  “If I see another dinosaur transform into a flame-throwing rocket ship, mark my words, someone will taste the back of my hand.”

The group plans to press their case next month with a planned visit to New York to speak before the United Nation’s general assembly.  They will be joined there by Bishop Desmund Tutu and Sir Harry Kroto, who recently told reporters that, “One can only be amazed that we have been able to assemble such massive support for the effort to ensure that young adults will be able to live in a world free of lunch boxes, T-Shirts and twin-sheet sets depicting cross-dressing Cat-Aliens who play jazz and derive energy from breast milk. “

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