Freelance Modeler Killed in Transformers Toy Shelf Collapse

Bob Lincoln April 8, 2012 1

A portion of Lance “BumbleBee” McGowan's Transformers toy collection, date unknown.

Lance “BumbleBee” McGowan, a 29 year old freelance 3D modeler and comic book artist, was tragically killed last Friday, when his entire Transformers toy collection, housed on several 5-foot glass shelves, fell on him as he was reaching behind his desk to plug in a new Robo-Fighter Decepticon pencil sharpener he had just brought home from a swap meet. Police and fire personnel that arrived at the scene found McGowen, president of the Cleveland chapter of the Transformers Collectors Club, crushed underneath a gigantic pile of Transformers toys.  Fire Brigade Captain Larry Bratts indicated the debris field was so great, chain saws were required to get the action figures off the victim. According to Captain Bratts, the type toy shelves used by McGowan are known as “widowmakers” because so many people, especially collectors with OCD, are injured each year as they constantly assemble, rearrange and reassemble their toy collections without paying attention to the obvious dangers.


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